About this site.  This web site has been created as a thank offering to God for His work through church figures such as St. Benedict and Teresa of Avila in helping to open the mysteries of scripture to the Christian seeker through lectio divina, the inspired reading of scripture.  Yet the seeker will find new treasures here among the old.  Not only are there numerous actual lectio divinae, useful in the preparation of sermons, but there is also presented a practical method for increasing the power of lectio divina to transform one's life.

What is lectio divina?  Lectio divina involves reading and meditating on scripture.  It is probably the oldest and best developed Christian mystical practice.

Lectio is generally divided into
lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), contemplatio (contemplation) and oratio (prayer).  Lectio divina is practiced in order to approach God through His Counselor, the Holy Spirit.  Study through lectio has considerable power to transform one's life.

A number of organizations have excellent sites for lectio divina on the web.   These include the
Order of St. Benedict, St. Andrew's Abbey, the Carmelite Order, and many other organizations.

What is lectio?  Lectio divina is more than just understanding scripture.  It is a means of approaching God through a practice.  Behind every art, there is a skill.  Lectio divina is a skill.  The art is drinking from the Rock.

How to engage in lectio.  In performing lectio divina, let the text be absolutely true, even if only for the time of the study.  Afterwards, be governed by your conscience rather than by the words.  In fact, let us be as little children and let the Bible be a kaleidoscope, a holy toy given by a loving Father to His children.  Reading scripture, constantly through a new lens, may we discover God-- and ourselves. 


   What does it mean to be a Christian?           A theological note

   A primer on lectio divina                              Samples of lectio divina


Additional commentary on Mark and Acts and on  Exodus, Joshua, and 1 Samuel


Note. The work was interrupted due to the decline and death of a family member and the loss of the server on which the individual lectios were housed. But God works in his own time and now the site is being renewed.